OC Stay Dry Roofing Has a Passion For Making Things Better In Everyday Roofing

Looking for a FREE roof estimate? Then you've came to the right place. Here at Stay Dry Roofing we are the #1 company and leader in Orange County that provides FREE roof estimates. We have been proudly serving Orange County for more than 19 years with our top quality service and affordable pricing. We have staff that are fully qualified & certified for all forms of roofing & decks.

Stay Dry Roofing Specializes In All Your Residential, Industrial and Commercial Roofing Needs.

Stay Dry Roofing is a professional roofing company specializing and experienced in commercial, residential, industrial roofing. As a 3rd generation roofing company we have the know hows to solve all roofing problems by providing pin-point roofing solutions. We understand the nature and how important it is to always provide you with top quality service, a top quality roof at an affordable price.

We Are Always Here To Protect Your Property From Damaging Leaks.

Here at OC Stay Dry Roofing we understand how serious a leak is and how damaging that leak will become. From roof puddling to unwanted health hazardous mold & mildew, a small leak can create major damage or a leak can indicate a larger problem. If a leak is avoided to repair, it is possible that if a roof has warranty it is possible puddling can void it if buildup consist more than 48 hours. It is extremely critical not to procrastinate if any leak has been discovered.

Roof Emergency? We Have A 24/7 Hour Roof Cover-up Service!

Don't hesitate to call us in the middle of the night, we are always available and ready all day and all night for any roof emergency. Our staff members are always ready. We already have prepped service trucks ready to go dedicated for any roofing emergency.

Stay Dry Roofing Is Up To Date With State Of The Art Technology

Here at Stay Dry Roofing we've took our time to do research and invest on top of the line super advanced technology to detect & pin-point the most hidden and hard to find leak.


As solar power specialists of commercial buildings and residential homes we are consistently on the lookout for the latest products that can deliver new levels of efficiency for our customers. By regularly updating the tools that we use as well as the products that we have to offer, we can make sure that the power generation from every solar panel installation is the greatest available at this current stage of technology. We work directly with manufacturers to ensure that even the latest of products is made available to our company as soon as it is released for use. Through regular testing and installing new products for our customers, we can continue to update aging solar systems and provide products that will deliver the finest power generation with the longest lifespan.


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