We Are Licensed

License #911019

Our services will guarantee top quality, super durability, integrity, great customer service, A-plus experienced roofing professionals, 5 Star Rating on multiple social platforms, roofing masterpieces. 

We Are Certified

(C39, C61, D49, C61, D41)

Stay Dry Roofing is determined to provide you with the best service possible, Certified and qualified to always provide you with great roofing results. So, don't go with the other guys who say they have the experience with no certifications to back them up. Here at Stay Dry Roofing we know what we are doing and we do our job right the first time. Our services will grant durability for over many years to come, that means your roof will have a long lasting lifespan.

We Are Insured

Stay Dry Roofing has a $2,000,000 Insurance Liability plan for your safety and our staff's safety while we perform our roofing services over your property. With this liability plan, it gives us the edge over our competitors that most likely have the basic 10k liability plan that state law requires. What this means is they are only going to have 10k to cover any damages on your property that may occur or 10k to cover their staff condition if injuries insist. Basically 10k doesn't pay for much when covering medical expenses leaving you reliable if any problems arise. Reason why is because under contract performing on your property will leave you responsible. Don't take the risk by hiring a low insured roofing contractor, go with the pros and feel secure by hiring us, the right roofers for the right job at Stay Dry Roofing.