We Are The Trustworthy Environmental-Friendly Roofing Company

When choosing Stay Dry Roofing you are choosing an eco-friendly company that understands the importance of our planet's well being. We also respect our customers and their neighbors well being by not exposing them to hazardous chemicals. This gives us an edge toward our competitors who don't use eco-friendly products.


Our Company Specializes With Eco-Friendly Products

All our products we use are non-toxic and are safe for living conditions when applying material over roof. This also includes insulated tiles Green Hybrid Roofing Inc provides.

Green Hybrid Roofing Inc. is an all American owned; American operated company dedicated to providing unsurpassed product value and unequaled customer service in the building material industry.

In July 2005, the Green Hybrid Roofing team, after noticing a roof being installed with concrete tile, they pondered whether a foam core roofing material could be developed, in addition to what they saw, they took a simple idea to reality. Today the heart and soul of the company is an amazing patented, insulating foam core roofing material made of approximately one inch of virgin polystyrene foam, covered in fiberglass scrim, and encased in high strength concrete coating. The roofing material is half the weight of conventional roof tile, five times as durable and provides incomparable insulating quality. Through many years of engineering, chemistry, testing and old fashion "Trial and Error" Green Hybrid Roofing has created, with all the necessary testing the best roofing tile material in the world in existence today. Click Here for more information